In need of Professional Yard Waste Removal Service?

Is your yard being full of unwanted grass, dirt, waste, and other more unused things? We know that every homeowner’s issue is their yard has some kind of waste lying on it. We also know that you value all your things and you don’t want to destroy it. That’s why we are here “Junk Removal Miami” to clean it up. We offer a professional and expert team with years of experience in the field. Our company has been in this industry for 20-30 years, so you don’t need to worry about how excellent our work is!

At Junk Removal Miami we can assure to you a hundred percent clean yard waste removal you can only found in Miami, FL. You will experience the best and highest-quality service if you avail of our service. Our objective is to satisfy you and make sure that your yard is very clean, organized, and safe to your health and to the environment.

Just call us and we’ll set-up everything starting from schedule up to the payment. However, we offer a free estimation, it will tell you how much you will pay at the end of our cleaning operation. So, don’t waste your time, and call us right now! We’ll start the job after our call!

What is yard waste?

Is this your first time availing a yard waste removal? Don’t worry our service will explain everything to you! but, first, we will tell you what is yard waste.

Yard waste is vegetative or organic materials that come from our care and maintenance. Yard waste consists of unwanted leaves, grass, brush, mulch, tree trunks, shrubs, and other more garden waste. If you have seen this at your yard, don’t hesitate to call a trusted service. And that’s our service! Just call us and we’ll make sure that your yard will be a hundred percent clean in no time. Try checking also our other services like garage cleaning and appliance recycling and removal.


About Our Services

Yard waste that cannot be accepted easily

There’s a kind of yard waste that cannot be accepted because of the law or regulation to your cities, such as large trees, untreated wood, and stumps. Since every city has different regulations and guidelines, you must call the service first to make sure that they will accept your junks. Also, some of the yard waste services accept all kinds of waste that you cannot find in your city. Save you time finding a perfect service! We are here to get all your waste on your yard. Just call us at (please insert phone number here) and let our friendly and professional team do the job for you!

What yard junk our service can remove

Do you want to remove the waste from your yard? We are here to do it for you! We pick up junk such as Wood, leaves, and small tree branches, green waste, backyard or front yard furniture and fixtures, concrete and bricks, stones and pathways, metal scraps, appliances, small decks, and many other kinds of waste. We can assure you that we will a hundred percent remove all this kind of thing. After our cleaning process, your yard will be clean as if it is new!

How long is the process of removing yard waste?

After we settle up everything on our call, we’ll jump immediately to your house, and that’s the time we will start cleaning and removing all the waste on your back and front yard. We can quickly finish our job depending on the total amount and what waste are we going to remove from your yard. You don’t need to help us removing the junk we can clean it no matter what it is.

As long as your junk is located in an accessible place and spot, you don’t need to watch us while removing it. We can assure you an honest and excellent work even if you are not watching us. Even if you’re going out, you can trust our team that they will do a high-quality service for you! This is our business, we’ve been in this industry for over 20-30 years! So, don’t worry because our team can handle this efficiently and quickly. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as couch removal and TV recycling and removal.


How can I pick up my yard waste?

You can clean your own yard, just purchase a biodegradable bag to help reduce waste, and put all the shaped waste there. Make sure that you tie it up tightly so no yard will be out.

However, this is just for a few junkyards. We do not recommend to clean your junk by yourself if there’s a lot of waste that needs to be removed, because some waste might be dangerous to your health or to your property. It has a proper way and equipment to remove it safely. Also, if you do not want to carry a heavy waste bag, feel free to contact us, and let our team do it for you!

Benefits you can get if you hire our junk removal service

There’s a lot of benefits you can get if you hire our service, but here are a few of them:

Improve the appearance of your yard, piles of junk at your yard lessen the attractiveness and appearance of your home. If you hire our service, we can assure you that the appeal of your house will improve. We will remove every waste on your yard starting from a small up to the biggest waste. Get us a call for more information!

Ensure your safety, some junk isn’t safe for your health. It’s best if you hire Junk Removal Miami as your yard waste removal! We know the proper way of eliminating every junk located in your yard. Our team is very professional and expert in this kind of job, they how to protect your property as well as you. You can also break the law if you are not knowledgeable about getting rid of toxins and chemicals that might be dangerous to our environment.

This is just a few of the benefits you can gain if you avail our service if you have more questions about our service offers get us a call! You can ask as many as you want freely as long as it is related to our service!

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