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Had you previously updated your refrigerator with a new and modern high-tech fridge with temperature sensors, a water purification system and energy-saving technology? This is so much great but how about your old fridge? What did you do with it? It must be very difficult for you or anyone to move or dispose of your old refrigerator. Refrigerators were not only one of the heaviest kinds of equipment, they should also be disposed of properly or they might produce environmentally destructive substances that can harm humans and the environment.

Our company offers you with a refrigerator disposal service that is effective, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly to create the entire process simple. Our skilled refrigerator disposal team provides the manpower to clear the outdated fridge in the manner without harming your homes. Junk Removal are going to do all the heavy work that there is no need for you to bring materials to dispose it. Furthermore, we will guarantee that the fridge is discarded to a suitable recycling plant so it does not affect the community. Refrigerators and fridges comprise solvents, oils and other chemicals that must be separated and retrieved under federal law. Then it is possible to reuse the steel, other materials and chosen components. For additional environmental advantages, some recycling facilities also cover the insulation of foam within the fridge doors. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as computer recycling and debris removal.


About Our Services

About Us!

Our company can disposed your refrigerators or freezers in any size. We have all of the materials and personnel to take a big fridge even up a narrow stairs or via the garage down the basement of your property. If you renovate a restaurant or upgrade your outdated equipment you can also contact us within Miami areas, we can move away business appliances such as fridges, freezers, stoves, cookers, flattops, washing machines, cabinets and much more. Whatever your fridge or equipment disposal requires, there is nothing to worry because our team will covered it all.

Our skilled disposal team will dispose any inappropriate home equipment that are not being used. Whether your equipment is broken or just need to move or change. You can count on us, we will assist you getting it out. Count on us with our skilled movers to manage all your equipment recycles and be ensured that your equipment will be discarded in a right way. We are a Certified Electrical Waste Treatment Facility. Our team workers gather all kinds and sizes of fridges from all sorts of companies, schools and organizations. We are providing collection service using our own service trucks in Miami.

Retrieve, manage and recycle refrigerators, fridges and temperature-controlled appliances of all types. Our skilled movers securely distinguishes appliances into parts and clears dangerous materials. Our industry-leading procedures and activities maintain regulatory demands. We offer commercial customers, a fridge recycling and disposal service. We gather fridges, freezers and air conditioning units for domestic and commercial use. You might like to check also our yard waste removal and appliance recycling and removal.


he Benefit of Proper Refrigerator Disposal and Recycling:

  •  It protects the ozone layer. Cooling equipment, like air conditioners, rely on the Freon cooling substance to function correctly. The Freon is not effectively drained if the devices are disposed of and may possibly spill into the environment and harm the layer of ozone. If recycling such equipment, Freon as well as other substances should be disposed of appropriately avoiding the atmospheric damage threat.
  •    It will help you save money. Choosing to remove outdated equipment at your local dump will allow you to pay waste disposal fee whereas if you have to recycle old equipment, you do not have to pay a maintenance fee and may even make some cash based on the situation of your equipment steel, metal or aluminum.
  •   It protects the environment. There are many distinct elements in the fridges and refrigerators that are harmful if not properly managed. Such elements are segregated for appropriate disposal or reuse with the recycling method. Let’s say for toxic refrigerant, commonly a greenhouse gas called hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) is present in the coolant system of a fridge or freezer. There’s going to be oil as well. There are refrigerator or freezer that are outdated, its controls and thermometers might well contain mercury, and air-depleting elements may also be placed in the insulating foam. The refrigerant, mercury and oil can be reused and used in other equipment or otherwise cleared of at a waste management services. A new recycling method for the foam to allow the substance to be converted into granules which can be securely burned as fuel instead of ending up in a dump.
  •   For future use. There are also readily recyclable elements such as metal, steel, glass and plastic in refrigerators and freezers. It is possible to utilize these components to produce other everyday products. It was possible to use the same aluminum that was formerly piece of your refrigerator to produce your next drink can.
  • Save waste disposal resources and energy by recycling, instead of composting, metals, plastics and glass produced in your equipment minimize the release of the used oil that are harmful in the human body that can poison the brain, liver, immune system and the reproductive system.

Contact our company whenever you need your old fridge to be securely discarded and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Our team operates in Miami, Fl. If you have trouble moving or disposing of your old refrigerator, just contact us. Taking away a fridge is usually a two-person task and it can also be hazardous by moving it up or down stairs. Calling our company will be the best way in taking away your old refrigerator taken care of our skilled and inexperienced movers.

Prepare to dispose of your outdated fridge.  Just call our company or visit us to handle this situation. We guarantee that our skilled and expert refrigerator disposal team will reach you at home or workplace and will provide you the necessary services you are looking for! 

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