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Got junk at home? Having trouble in doing the chore of disposing this garbage? Are you tired of those garbage, recycling, and junk?

You don’t have to worry anymore; our team is just a call away to help you! Our company Junk Removal Miami is the solution to your problem! Our garbage collection services will do the task for you and will help you enjoy a less hassle and cleaner living!

Every day we do a lot of tasks, either in our own households or workplace, and waste is the by-product of these daily tasks that we do. For example, we create waste simply when we open various food packages, leftovers, or when we throw plastic bottles. This garbage might be really hard to be eliminated, however, you can still keep your home clean. It depends on how you make sure that you have a proper way of disposing any trash that you create.

The threat of garbage to the environment and people’s health is huge if it is not handled properly. They cause pollution as they run into rivers and seeps into the water on the ground. Also, flooding is a result of garbage that clogs into drains, the atmosphere can also be poisoned by the hazardous discharge from trash. There are several ways in order to get rid of our waste without harming the environment, our garbage pick-up services provide a lot of advantages to those who hire them. Our friendly personnel will do the pick-up and disposal for you, and they can even become a necessary part of your daily living. So, don’t waste your time and get us a call right now at 786-605-9279 we’ll start the job right after you call and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as TV recycling and removal and furniture removal.


About Our Services


Running a business, having employees, or having your own family, it is crucial to ensure that are staying in a safe and clean atmosphere away from that toxic garbage. Maintaining their health and safety by regularly having waste and garbage properly removed by our company is a must.

Getting rid of a bunch of garbage is a huge task for big corporations and other large entities more than it is for residents and families who yields less garbage. The good news is, Junk Removal Miami can handle it! Whether it is commercial waste or residential waste, our services will make it a lot easier for you. You will spend less time and effort in doing it on your own when you hire our services!

Large scale businesses often spend much time, money, and resources in order to dispose these wastes properly. Time is gold if you are running a business, so if you let us do all the dirty work for you, you can manage your time and money more efficiently! When you use garbage collection services, you can save much of your time and manage it efficiently. That is, if you have a professional garbage collection services that will gather and dispose the waste for you. When you use our services, you will discover that it is more affordable than doing all the disposals by yourself.

With the absence of a timely and proper disposal of garbage, we will surely be living in a community full of hazardous garbage, rising environmental issues, and this could be a threat for the health of almost all living things including humans, plants, and animals. Improper waste management practices can also lead to land and air pollution which may result in serious medical conditions in both humans and animals.

Maybe you think that majority of garbage collection and disposal services provides the same level of services. But in reality, most of the time, some companies deliver far more than the price you pay them, so why not try to take a glimpse of some of the additional benefits you could enjoy by simply choosing a garbage collection company? Here in Junk Removal Miami, we prioritize a genuine customer service!

Whether you are an individual or a business person, hiring our certified garbage collection company will make your life so much easier and offers a lot of advantages. Our garbage collection company proudly offers high quality residential and commercial garbage pick-up services and disposal in Miami and all throughout the neighboring area. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like dumpster rental and roll off dumpster rental.


If you decide to hire our team of professionals to take good care of garbage disposal for you, they will also be able to offer a variety of other useful services if you ever need them.

What is more unpleasing to our sight and smell than a bunch of waste? Our services will help you maintain a clean community by regularly collecting garbage on your surroundings. Hiring us will reduce many hassles and will save your time and money! We will provide you the service that you pay for.

Junk Removal Miami works to develop a sustainable and sound environment within your community. Our pick-up trucks and personnel are on the streets to ensure you will have a clean community. We value a clean and sound environment that is why we provide daily this proper garbage collection services to our dearest families and residences.

Through our garbage disposal company, we aim on offering dependable and environmentally friendly services to make proper garbage disposal effortless for the community.

Our Company

Here at Junk Removal Miami, we proudly provide to you, our customers, our experience and knowledge of the services that you need in order to keep our community clean and safe.

If you decide to hire our garbage disposal service, you can guarantee and have a peace of mind that the work will be done efficiently and you don’t have to worry about those bundles of trash in your area.

Some companies may offer the same cheaper price. But in return, you might get is a disorganized and bad service, a wrong sized pickup truck, or just a waste of money. You can prevent this hassle if you will choose to trust our company. Enjoy affordable price that suits the quality of service that you need. You may call us and we will respond quickly. Hire our Junk Removal Miami today!

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