In need of Professional Couch Removal Service?

Having difficulty disposing or recycling your old couch or used sofa? Dumping couch, sofa, loveseat, recliners and other large items can be confusing and frustrating sometimes. Trying to figure out how to properly dispose of it. Unfortunately, many opt to toss their used couch out on the street instead. This will only pose a threat, give negative and bad effect on our precious environment. Moreover, this can become an eyesore in the community. Thankfully, getting a  professional couch and sofa pickup and hauling service is extremely helpful.

Then look no further as Junk Removal Miami are a premier, responsible and full-service Couch Disposal Company in Miami. We are here to help you for your old sofa, used couch, loveseat, big sectional sofa, old mattresses or any bulk furniture items’ pickup and removal needs at an affordable price. 

We are proudly serving in metro Miami and other nearby surrounding areas. You can depend on our quality hauling and couch disposal services. As haulers, we make it easy and convenient for you and at the same time also to the environment. We put customer satisfaction as our main goal by providing you with honest, upfront price, fast and quality couch removal services. Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as carpet removal and mattress disposal and recycling.


About Our Services

Who Are We?

Furniture removal service providers are the one you can depend on when it comes to recycling and eliminating used couches and other furniture in your home.  And we have already kept many junk out of the landfills. We will help in ensuring that your neighborhood will continually be a desirable place with no large sofa, couch or other large and obstructive materials in the streets.

With our many years of experience in this industry, we know that disposing of these materials should be handled with care. And so we employ an eco-friendly couch disposal ways. After rwe are able to eliminate old furniture, we will bring it to the recycling center it local donation facility where it will be stripped down into raw and useful things.

Our drivers are well-trained and are hauling pros. We pride ourselves with our friendly, professional, fast and quality  disposal service every time we come out to a customer’s home.

Why choose Couch Removal Pros?

Yes, there are plenty of ways to dispose of that old couch but mostly are not easy and eco-friendly. 

Like if you are planning to just put it with the rest of the garbage.This is not a good idea since these large items are not picked up by garbage trucks.Plus, it’s possible that you could be ticketed and given a fine.

Or you can deal with the hauling itself and dump it in a landfill through renting a truck but this would be an additional expense. Aside for the truck, there is a disposal fee and it depends on how big or heavy your items for disposal are. Plus lifting everything from your house to the truck, and then loading and unloading it can be tiring. And don’t forget to call a friend to help you move and haul that bulky, awkward couch outside as you can’t do the lifting and transfer alone. Aside from these spending money and energy, you will also spend awful time because hauling can be done an entire day.This would be an excellent choice for fast, honest and easy couch pickup and disposal in Miami at an honest and fair price.

With us, we will take care of everything, from inside your house and doing the heavy lifting, transportation to disposal. You can trust that our services are easy and hassle-free. We even take a single couch or sofa unlike other removal companies. Plus we offer it an affordable rate. You might like to check also our computer recycling and refrigerator recycling and disposal.



How it Works

Either you get a new sofa and don’t know what to do with the old one or just want to get rid that old furniture because it is just at the garage collecting dust. Whatever your reason is, getting a couch removal is fast and convenient. 

It won’t take long so you’re sure you can get back to your everyday routing easily with couch removal already removed of your to-do list.

1 – Book conveniently to our Miami couch disposal service and set appointment. Inform us what kinds of bulky items you would like us to pick up

2 – We will notify you either by a call or text to confirm our exact arrival time. 

3 – Our experienced and trained team will arrive at your place in your chosen date. 

  1. Afterwards, we will do all the job for you. After we load your couch we handle the transportation of the couch, disposal, recycling or even donating if it can still be salvaged.

It is good that we are donating our unwanted furniture because we are not only helping someone in need, but also helping and conserving our environment. In our small ways, we reduce the amount of waste and we fight pollution instead of throwing it in the trash or dumping in landfills.

But just to note that some charities will only accept donations in good, clean and excellent condition. So let us also make sure and do our part to take good care of our old and preloved sofa, couch or recliners. Besides nobody wants to use an object if its still in need of repair, rips, water-soaked or has unremovable stains and having these charities spend on time and money repairing the donated objects. Or to families affected by natural disasters like losing everything from fire, earthquake or hurricane.

Reach to us Now

Book and schedule now a pickup with us. Our insured and uniformed  crew will then haul away those sofa and couch on your location. And we look forward to meeting you on your preferred date! You will save time, effort and help the environment too. Let us handle the  hard work and lifting of these bulk furniture.  Call us now and learn what all we can do for you.

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