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In 2014, there are over 41.8 million tons of e-waste generated worldwide. 11.7 million tons of that e-waste came from the United States. The 6.3 million tons of that e-waste (Electronic-Waste) are screens and computer monitors. E-Waste can be recycled and use again by other people. Recycling e-waste can also save our mother earth. Improper disposal of your electronic device can be a cause of serious health problems in your place. Lots of e-waste have some dangerous components and chemicals embedded to them that can be dangerous to our environment. It can affect the water that we drink, the air we breathe every day, and also the food that we eat. This e-waste can contain many hazardous materials and components such as cadmium, phosphorous, lead, mercury, plastic, barium, all of this can take more than a hundred of years before they dissolve in our atmosphere. Recycling our computers are much better than putting them into landfills and letting them become the cause of your problem. 

So, if you think you need to recycle your computer and if you are looking for a company who is passionate about saving our mother earth and saving your computers you are in the right place. Our company leads the industry’s best recycling center here in Miami, Florida, with one of the highest reputation. Junk Removal Pros Miami are a reliable company who recycle computers in full compliance with the EPA. Our company offers both individual and corporate needs by supplying them with the best and convenient program that we have. Our program makes it very easy for us to recycle your computers and your other e-waste at the same time-saving ur environment. 

Our company also serve many services for our client in Miami, Florida; we have the best team who will provide all those services from recycling to reselling of all the electronic devices that we currently have. Our company has over 15 years of experience in this industry. With this experience, our personnel gains a lot of knowledge on how we can help save our environment at the same time recycle your computer and make it useful again and resell it to make a good use after it was recycled. Good for you our company does not only focus on computer recycling, as we all know it’s not just computer devices who ends up in a landfill. That is why our company also provide many services for our client or customer. So are you curious about what service can you get in our company? 

Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as carpet removal and mattress disposal and recycling.


About Our Services

otal Control Logistics – whenever you need our service, we will come to your place to pick your computer. Just schedule when and where in Miami, Florida, we also offer urgent pick up the same you ask for our service, so you don’t need to place your e-waste in your place any longer. We will be happy to help you with your best choice to recycle your computer instead of putting it in the landfill where it can damage our beautiful environment.

Data Destruction and Security – security is one of our topmost priority in recycling your computers. All computers, laptops, and servers with a hard drive that enters our company will be erased. Destruction of the hard drive is recommended if it came from a business company or any individual as it contains much sensitive information such as personal details, business records, or maybe records from your client. But fear no more, our company provides the safest and secure data destruction in your hard drive, with a program where it follows the guideline written in NIST 800-88. You will be choosing from different kinds of how we will erase all the information in your hard drive. You can choose from three-pass, seven-pass, or greater just to remove your data. Or we can offer destruction of hard drive physically. To do that first, we will put your hard drive through a degaussing process using an electromagnetic device. After that, we will shred your hard drive physically for metal recovery leaving your hard drive fully unrecoverable. Try checking also our other services like refrigerator recycling and disposal and garbage disposal.


Recycled Inventory Tracking – as we believe that transparency helps our company to build trust with our customer. Every time we receive computers to recycle, we always give our customer a basic audit report of what are the items that we receive and afterward they will also receive a more detailed audit report from us. 

Remarketing and Reuse – our company has a marketing team who are responsible for what will happen next to your device after it was recycled. They oversee all the remarketing option that can be possibly used to place the recycled device in work again. The recycled device can be possibly re-marketed in many ways, including auctions, online stores, or maybe through a network of resellers that are willing to make business with our company.

Responsible Computer Recycling – our company gives recycling service to computers that are old or broken and are not useable in any situations. Once recycling is completed, each device will go to our marketing department to ensure that they will be using again by another company or individual. Our company follows all the applicable state, federal, and EPA regulations. Everything that comes into our company will be back in the industry; no piece of your equipment will go to any landfills.

Just leave us a message whenever you need our service. Our service is not just limited to your old or broken computer. We also recycle many electronic waste like Mobile phones, Computer boards computer keyboards, AC adapters, Air conditioner, UPS (Back up power supply), Computer memory, Computer mice/mouse, Copiers, Desktop Computers, Fax Machines, Hard drive, Games System like (Play station, Nintendo, Xbox), Electric Motors, CRT Monitors ( no bare CRT tubes), Cash Registers, IC (Integrated Circuits), LCD Monitors, Mainframe Computers, Microphones, laptops/Netbooks, Photocopiers, Power supply, Printers, PC tower, Scanners, Server rack, ID printers, point of sale equipments (POS), Switches, Routers,  etc. 

If you have any electronic device that is not listed just contact us and we will be happy to serve you. 

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