In need of Professional Carpet Removal Service?

Have you grown tired and weary of the old carpeting that you have grown so used to in your home? Do you need someone to help? Or maybe you’re looking for someone to help you spruce up the room entirely? You have found the company that can help you remove that old carpeting and put up something new. When you get a carpet removal, not only is it beneficial for an entire room makeover, you will also open new windows to new flooring opportunities. 

If you have an old carpet that you want to change, our friendly team will gladly come over to you residence to take care of carpet removal and post-removal cleanup as well. Junk Removal Pros Miami assure you that your old carpet will be thrown away pursuant to any local rules and regulations for its proper disposal. If possible, we will also try to recycle your old carpet. 

The only thing that you need to do is contact us so we can come to your specified area as soon as we can to give you a free price quote that will not obligate you in any way. The next step is for you to only tell us what you need taken care of and we will have the carpet removed. We provide one of the lowest and most affordable rates in Miami. Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as garage cleaning and yard waste removal.


About Our Services

Our removal service is on of the best in the area. We love providing you with the best service and are passionate about our professions. Our goal is to always give our clients the best deals in terms of pricing and quality service. Our dedication to the craft can be seen from the outstanding reviews and recommendations that we receive from our satisfied customers. This reputation has been built up because of our highly dedicated, punctual and friendly team, our diligence in staying on schedule, our affordable rates, and our environmentally friendly approach to the disposal of removed carpets. As a company, we are proud of the services that we are able to provide.

We are not only passionate to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction, we also deeply care for the environment. Our disposal process incorporates a detailed check on any materials that can be recycled. One of our major goals is to also keep the area clean and green.

Over time, carpets experience a wear and tear that cause them to look decrepit and filthy, especially those that are in homes with large families, pets, and children. There are many stains and dirt that stay stuck to the carpet and are not easily removed; and even if they are, they still making it look discolored and uneven. 

There is also a lot of dust and durt particles that get stuck in between carpet fibers that can prove to be near impossible to remove despite the application of aggressive cleaning methods. One sure way to change the look and feel of a room is to take away an old and dirty carpet and replace it with a whole new foor. One option is to put in wood or tile floors that will definitely make a room easier to manage and clean. Other advantages that you will experience when you have a carpet removed are:

  • The modernization and restyling of an older home to make it look newer
  • Will hep remove existing stains and accompanying odors that have stayed in the house
  • Heightens the selling price for a home.
  • Significantly lessens the amount of dust, pet hairs, and other allergens that may have stuck to the carpet.

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In order to take the first step towards making such home improvements, you have to first get rid of the old carpet that you’ve installed in your home. In order to do this without adding too much stress and hassle to your life, you can opt for a fast and easy removal process by reaching out to us. Our team has the necessary equipment and the know-how on operating it, that will make the whole process seem easy and simple. 

At our flooring company, we also provide different flooring materials and options. We have stood out as a one of the best trusted flooring solutions companies in the area. Whether you require services to cater to residential or commercial needs, we hold the experience and the materials that you need.

Carpet removal is not a job that anyone can just do. It is definitely not a DIY project that you can easily work on, nor is it one for an inexperienced contractor, especially without the specific removal equipment and materials. For those who are completely clueless about the process, it can seem very complex and confusing and may only lead to property damage and an incomplete task. 

By contacting and hiring people who know what to do, you can rest assured that the service will be done properly and quickly. Enlisting an expert’s services will allow you to relax as our team handles all your needs. This includes the preparation work, and the post-removal clean-up as well. Our crew is licensed to do their jobs and are also insured, making them ready to work on any carpet removal service.

Did you know that removing a carpet is also one way to keep your family’s respiratory system healthy? It has been shown to significantly decrease the number of allergens inside your home that constantly circulate through your heating and air conditioning systems. These are particles that are very hard to capture and remove from your residence when they are already existing in your area. A known effective way to avoid this build-up of allergens is to remove and replace certain allergen-trapping textiles, such as your carpets.

During the removal and disposal process, we do not need to use chemicals or toxic solvents. This helps us make sure that your home is not filled up with toxic fumes and odors. We also make sure that the work is contained only in the specific area necessary in order to prevent the spreading of dust and particles into other areas of your home.

Getting professional carpet removal services can prove to be extremely beneficial. Whether you want ro remove and replace old carpeting with a brand new carpet or with a new flooring style all together, enlisting our services will definitely help save the time and effort that you may only end up wasting by trying to work on it yourself. The fact that carpet removal is no easy task still remains.

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