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Do you like to do an overall house cleaning by removing those unwanted appliances so you can have that much-needed space but you don’t have the time and strength to do all the work? Or you just need the old appliances picked up in order to give way to your new laundry equipment or new kitchen wares? No need to fret and worry as Junk Removal Miami are a professional and top appliance removal and recycling company that is strategically located in Miami, Florida. We have services you need in removing junk furniture and other areas of moving belongings. 

In most cases, whenever we can, our crews can haul them away on the same day so you can still have time in cleaning and sweeping up the floor. You may find that long lost socks or that elusive Tupperware lid that is all the time lurking underneath your kitchen appliances. You can depend on our appliance disposal services. We have the manpower to pick up and haul away old appliances and specialize in smooth hauling or dismantling large things. All with an expert touch.

This is good news to all Miami-area residents as our unbeatable appliance recycling service will ensure you get the best options depending on your specific needs and communicate on how you want to accomplish the clean-up. Our business is licensed and accredited so you can always rely on us to in providing quick and efficient appliance removal and recycling services.  Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as TV recycling and removal and furniture removal.


About Our Services

Tired of that old and broken appliance?

This is beneficial also to those who couldn’t think of a way on what to do with their old household things. Like how to get rid an out-dated washing machine or microwave, stoves, dishwasher or refrigerator? Especially the refrigerators which usually wear out faster compared to other appliances as they keep on running 24/7 inside the house, keeping our beverages and other food items fresh. But removing or replacing all of these appliances is a bit tricky because of its large size and heavy weight. Moreover, you cannot just put these appliances in milk jugs or easily drop off and dispose in a scrap metal yard. 

So instead of just watching those appliances gathering dust, taking up that valuable space, you can simply give us a call and we do appliance removal and recycling, in the most eco-friendly way as possible.

Our appliance removal and recycling service will help you provide an easy and safe removal of these old items. We have big trucks that can handle the load. Be it from small or fragile items to large ones or to virtually any type, we will exclusively handle the removal and recycling of your furniture.

Appliance Recycling

Our capable team will recycle the thousands of appliances picked up every year and are trained to help unload, strip and clean parts. We are experts tasked to protect our mother nature and preserving our already limited landfill space. We do this through recycling these working or non-working old units. As long as it’s not very rotten, have bugs in them, rusty and really beaten up. Because we believed that these kinds of appliances have still life in them.  So we extend their life as possible through recycling and keeping them away from crowded landfills. We have crews that will test, repair which parts still work, clean and refurbish them and resell to people who don’t want to purchase new ones or can’t afford to buy one in retail stores. 

For example, we haul a broken appliance, we will see and check those that can still be used and repaired other appliances or sold this used parts at a much cheaper price than brand new. Let’s put a nice looking refrigerator that has damage in its circuit board. So we can check and sorted out those that can be used again like the doors, fans, handles, shelves, knobs, and light bulbs.

The difference with us against junk haulers is that our system keeps landfill waste to a minimum. Yes, we also take everything but not dumping in landfills or in the junk yard to get crushed. We help other people gain these usable units at an affordable price. Consider checking also about our other services such as dumpster rental and roll off dumpster rental.


Why You Should Get Appliance Removal and Recycling Services?

Yes you can sell your old appliances in online sites like in Facebook or Craigslist or try advertising and posting in newspaper ads. But before you can do this, you must know the product model, look and write for its product descriptions and take several photos. Plus not to mention, you also must need to clean, wipe, measure the appliance. You may find these all time and energy consuming.

And what if, that there are customers that first want to view the appliance, look and after say to us that they will contact us if they already decided and have a consensus with their husband/wife. Or other folks are also a-no show. In this situation, they already know your address and what’s in your garage or at home. This is a bit scary, right? 

Another thing is about an electric connection, plugs or outlets. The buyer may have a different electrical wirings that yours like on a stove or dryer. Other hassle is customers may help with the delivery, so this may add operating costs to you. 

Reach out to us!

So, simply give our service pros a call today, makes appointment a day before or on the day to get started picking up those old appliances, and we’ll make sure to be responsive on your requests! We ensure you get the best options at a competitive and fair price. Our sole purpose is the satisfaction and convenience of our customers and our attitudes at work are display through our knowledgeable, responsible and helpful staff. 

You will surely be appreciated as you will already lose those unwanted, old and unusable appliance while helping in keeping the machines away from the junkyard and from our environment! 

Plus you’re supporting local jobs as we have part-time to full-time crews that work with us to ease their financial burden.

Just a tip, if you want to get that best chance at getting on that schedule, call us in the morning so we can insert your pick up in between our deliveries and service calls.

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